Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021

Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021

The stage is now sets for Yellow 9ja reality show 2021. The reality brand was launched in 2020 with it’s maiden edition debuting in September, 2021 in Nigeria.

The reality TV Show which is yet to make any headway or popular in Nigeria is on the final stage to debut. Yellow 9ja official social media page is growing increasingly daily in Nigeria even though the show is yet to starts.

Yellow 9ja portends semblance to the almighty big Brother Naija in content creation for audience. And audience should expect a great debuts from Yellow 9ja in September all it’s kick off the maiden show in Nigeria. A lots have been laid for features during maiden show of the reality TV that is among to engulf the Nigerian air wave.

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Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 – Application And Audition

Yellow 9ja application was open and those who had information applied to be part of the show. Thereafter, the reality staged audition for all applicants who which to be part of the show. The audition process some number of persons who will be in house once the show commences.

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Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 – Yellow 9ja Housemates

Yellow 9ja audition produced some housemates that will be in the house for the prestigious honour. The housemates includes male and female. They are all expected to fight for the honour. Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 would be making everywhere yellow.

Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021

All the housemates will camp and live in a yellow apartment dedicated for the reality programme. A number of activities has been laid down for the event to commence in earnest. Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 housemates will be unveiled to the world once the show starts.

Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 – Yellow 9ja Starts Date

Yellow is billed to starts on the 24th of September, this was announced by the organizers of the reality show. Viewers who wish to catch all the glimpse of the action should endeavour to seat in front of their television sets. Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021 is expected to be a hit in Nigeria and give alternative to other reality show.