Yellow 9ja Live Stream – Streaming Channels

Yellow 9ja Reality Show 2021

Yellow 9ja live stream will be available on different channels one it’s starts. Different channels are ready to air the show live in Nigeria for all viewers all over the world.

Yellow 9ja is a reality show still alien to most Nigerians. The first edition of the show will stream live once the commencement date is reached. Viewers will be able to watch every action from the house globally.

The maiden edition of the reality TV show is staring in September, this is according to the organizers. Aside the popular Nigerian reality TV show, big Brother Naija. Yellow 9ja offers another chance to watch reality TV show other than the age long BBNaija that is popular among Nigerians.

Yellow 9ja is not coming as a rival to the popular Big Brother Naija, rather it offers alternative to the show. Viewers are bonds to expect glamour from the Yellow 9ja show once it’s starts in September.

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Yellow 9ja live stream – Audition For Yellow 9ja

The Yellow 9ja audition has taken place in Nigeria in May and last till May 22nd. The audition features many willing participants however, they were streamed down to a reasonable size. The participants who could not scale through the audition stage were dropped while some made. Yellow 9ja live stream was not available during the audition of yellow 9ja.

Yellow 9ja live stream – Yellow 9ja Housemates

During the audition, a good number of housemates were selected. The selected housemate would be in the house and slug it out with each other. A reasonable number of housemates have been selected which includes male and female. Yellow 9ja live stream will make all housemates available to viewers globally. Yellow 9ja live stream will show the number of male and female housemates once it’s starts.

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Yellow 9ja live stream – Stream Channels

A number of channels will stream the reality TV show to viewers globally. The channels includes DStv channel 369, GOTV channels 112 and 114, Startimes channel 103, NTA 2 channel 5. Viewers can stay connected to watch the reality TV Show when it’s commence in September.

Yellow 9ja live stream

Yellow 9ja live stream make the show easy for viewers to catch glimpse of all the happenings in the house. The Yellow 9ja live stream would be available all day to all who want to view the show.