Wife Suffocates Her Husband With Buttocks

A woman have been charged before a magistrate over allegation of suffocating her husband tp death with her buttocks.

The woman identified as Tatyana is a Russian woman and was charged before the magistrate in the country for sitting her husband neck until life left him. The deceased daughter saw her mother sitting on her father’s neck while the man face down from the bed. She rushed into the neighbourhood of Novokuznetsk for her father rescue.

The investigative team reported a female visited the scene but couldn’t do anything as she thought it was a domestic matter and she walks away. But soon after she left, Aider the man who was pined and faced down from the bed passed as Tatyana screamed for help upon noticing her husband was gasping for breadth.

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The people in the neighbopurhood invited ambulance to race Mr Aider to a nearby hospital but the man was discovered and pronounced dead. A thorough medical investigation to unravel the cause of the man’s death shows he was suffocated to death, a term that means ásphyxia’ in medical.

The term means blocking of the respiratory system, an occurrence that occurred when the woman sat on the Mr Aider’s neck deep into the mattress using her weighty legs to achieving the purpose. Their daughter was an onlooker when this occurred in Russia between the man and the woman.

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Upon a first trial, the magistrate convicted Mrs Aider of negligence and causing the death of her husband. The court sentenced her to a one year and six months of imprisonment and with thorough hard labour. The court also ordered her to pay ‘moral damage’ fee around two thousand pounds.