Why Most Applicants Didn’t Receive Survival Fund

MSME Survival Fund Grant
MSME Survival Fund Grant

The survival fund was set up by the Nigerian Government to help cushion the effect of Covid-19 on Nigerians businesses after the global pandemic.

Here in this publication, we offer steps to partake in the programme. Failure to adhere to the steps automatically disqualifies Applicants.


The very first step to be part of the Federal Government Survival Fund Program is to register with your business and(or) personal information on the survival fund application portal.


After registering on the platform, the next is to complete the onboarding process by adding Organisation, Bank and Employees details.

Step 2: GET PAID

Once your application has been successfully verified, you are then eligible to get paid under the scheme applied for.

How to Register
The following Steps will guide you in registering for the survival fund 2021 program;

Proceed to the Survival fund registration portal survivalfund.gov.ng. Click on the ‘Start Here’ button, that will take you to the survival fund application form options
Choose the category you want to apply for, by clicking ‘Payroll Support Register’, ‘MSME Grant Register’ or ‘Guaranteed Offtake Register’

Fill in your information in the form as correct as possible to avoid disqualification at verification stage.

After successful registration, you will;

Receive an Activation Code on your mobile, use to activate your profile Login to Your Profile to proceed with the onbording process.

Please Note: All categories of the survival fund program are currently on hold, you can Sign-Up Now to get a reminder when it is re-opened; stay updated with other trending opportunities


Applications not sent in the required format will not be considered. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for assessment and Interview.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply immediately as due to the urgency of this position applications will be reviewed as received, as such suitable candidates may be shortlisted and interviewed prior to closing date. Only applications sent in the required format will be considered.