Whatsapp Group Gets New Community Feature

International software development Community (XDA Development) has said WhatsApp group chat could soon get new community feature.

The Mobile Technology and Software Development (XDA) stated this and noted that though the company observation is still a speculation. XDA noted that a string addition to the Android-owned cross-platform centralised instant messaging service indicates that WhatsApp is working on a new feature.

The international Software Development (XDA) noted that WhatsApp has become a global instant messaging App globally. Despite been big and popular across board, the messaging App is slow to add new feature the chatting Community of Whatsapp.

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XDA Development notes that “Nevertheless we now have learned that WhatsApp could be working on a new Community Feature for it’s App, and from look of thing, it could be different from the current implementation of groups settings.

” an APK teardown can predicts a feature that will arrive in a future update of an application, but it is possible that any of the feature we mention here may not make in a future release. This is because some of these features can’t be implemented in the live build and can be pulled down at anytime by the developer in a future build.

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XDA however notes thatHow To Migrate To Canada – Six Ways To Migrate To Canada it’s build it’s speculation on the observation that WhatsApp latest beta, v. arrives with several new strings that come with a new feature called ‘Community’.

All of these are new strings addition to Whatsapp indicating work on a new community in progress. And from look of it, the community feature will have a faire share of overlapping with existing group feature too.

XDA Development further noted that here’s a speculation on our end on what WhatsApp community could be. Community could be a social media function within WhatsApp as an IM (Instant Messaging) App similar to what a Facebook App is now.