What Npower Batch C Stream 1&2 Fail To Understand As Deployment, PPA Letter Download Continue

Npower Batch C Applicants Awaiting Stream 2

There are plenty of confusion most Npower Batch C Stream 1 and 2 have found themselves since deployment Commenced.

The quagmire the most applicants found themselves have left them confused and most are now seeking for solutions. While this have lasted, there are things stream 1 and 2 needs to understand in order not to develop high blood pressure (BP).

Though, this content is an opinion based on verified research on the ongoing deployment. Those in stream one should take this easy as every thing will be normalise.

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What we observe and the way out of the challenges. 

. We have observed that some beneficiaries in the steam 1 has difficulties with their BVN which they have uploaded during application. Beneficiaries experience this should exercise calm as details submitted during application has already be taken by Npower. However, if you keep having BVN issue, you can check your date of birth and make sure it’s correspond, i.e the date of birth you supplied Npower and date of birth on your bank details should be the same. This is the only way of this quagmire.

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. Place of primary assignment download: we have observed that place of primary assignment (PPA) have been an issue. Some applicants finds it difficult to download the letter which they would take their PPA for approval. Well, this is general and the NASIMS website has technical issues at the moment. Npower management are aware of this. The scheme Engineers are working to get it resolve for Beneficiaries to have a seamless experience.

. Place of Primary Assignment Letter Signed & Upload: Nigerians are full of zest and possess energy to get things done quickly. If you’re experiencing difficult uploading your signed PPA back to the portal, don’t be tire of trying. The website develop technical error. Your constant trial will lead you through. The experience is general and soon Npower Engineers will get it sorted.