We’ll Never Forget: In Lekki, Beautiful Nigerians Died

Young Nigerians were brutally Murdered at the Lekki Toll-gate by the Nigerian Soldiers during a Nationwide protest to end a unit of Nigerian Police that was notorious for reckless murders of Nigerians.

The Nigerian youth had set out in Lagos and occupied the popular Lekki Toll-gate owned and managed Nigerian All Progressive Congress stalwart, Ahmed Bola Tinubu. The has temporarily taken over the Toll-gate as epicenter to successfully passed third message to the Nigerian Government to end “Special Anti-robbery Squad” widely known as (SARS).

The Nigerian youth demonstration suddenly becomes movement. This movement has spread across all the States in the South-West, Nigeria.

After days of demonstration, on one evening when the sun had sets, the Nigerian Soldiers in convoy of their Hilux moved towards young and beautiful Nigerians demonstrating for days at the Lekki Toll-gate, opened fire on them and killing many of the protesters.

The wicked action of the Nigerian Soldiers and those who may have commanded them suddenly abruptly end the days long demonstration.