We’ll Disburse Funds Two Weeks After

Seifac Funds could soon be disbursed to all worthy applicants of the anchor Borrower’s Programme.

Distribution and disbursement of funds is current ongoing in every state of Nigeria including the federal capital territory (fct), Abuja.

It’s almost a year the anchor Borrower’s organisers received overwhelming applications from Nigerians. The progress of the program was met with lack of prompt disbursement of funds to applicants.

The reintroduction of seifac Co-branded ATM by partnering bank, Heritage Bank further delayed the progress of the program.

However, distribution of seifac Co-branded ATM Card is going on in Nigeria. News reports suggests, once the seifac Co-branded ATM card had been fully disbursed, two weeks after, applicants will receive funds into their Heritage Bank account.

According to,

We’re currently distributing seifac Co-branded ATM Card to applicants in the 36 states of the federation and the FCT. once we’ve fully disbursed the ATM, it will take two weeks after before funds are disbursed into applicants Heritage Account.