(Watch Video): All The Incidents, Sunday Igboho Yoruba Nation Rally in Ekiti

Sunday Igboho was on Saturday led another serious rally for Yoruba Nation in Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti stats capital.
The rally becomes necessary for the Yoruba Nation freedom fighter as he continuously bid to carve Yoruba out of Nigeria in a similar way the easterners are biddiny to leave Nigeria for Biafra.

Sunday Igboho have been on the fore front of the Yoruba Nation restoration since the beginning of 2021. He first started in Ibadan when he ordered some perceived persons suspected to be causing mayhem in Ibarapa region to leave the region.

The development led to a serious uproar in the country. Sunday Igboho have not backed out of his Yoruba Nation restoration ever since he man the mantle for the quick restoration of Yoruba Nation.

He has led series of rally to cause awareness with the Yoruba land. His strategy is aimed at pushing the mission to the most unaware person in the Oduduwa land and he has been constantly achieving that in different ways.

Watch Video Below.