Video: Soldiers Assaults, Brutalise Citizens over Missing Phone

Some soldiers have been seen assaulting and brutalising residents of a settlement over phone theft.

According to, one of the soldiers is said to have boarded what is called ‘Yellow Yellow, or Mahama Cambo’ but lost his phone in the process. The incident happened in Wa upper region of Ghana.

The moment the alleged soldiers who boarded lost his phone reported to his colleagues, the soldiers in their numbers invades the resident and start assaulting and brutalising fellow citizens over the missing phone.

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Some residents of Wa, in upper region of Ghana were asked to lie down inside the gutter while the soldiers were seen punching them with fist randomly.

The development attracted crowd to the Way area while the soldiers brutalising fellow citizens in the area, some persons who were in safe area could only bring out their smart phones and videoing the development.