Video: Lady Joins Her Boyfriend To Beat Up Her Side Guy Mercilessly

There was a serious fight of trio involving a lady and two guys at a students hostel in one of the Tertiary Institution where they are schooling.

The serious fights began moment a guy visited his girlfriend on Sunday. But in getting there he was told the lady is in another guy’s room within the same compound.

The was very curious and was angered by the lady’s action. The visiting boyfriend proceeded to the guy’s room thinking he’s the right boyfriend of the lady.

Luck ran out of him, the visiting guy received merciless beaten from the guy the lady had visited, the lady also join in raining beats on the visiting boyfriend.

While the video play, one could heard the lady speak vernacular ‘Yoruba Accent’, “Aye re fe bake ni?.

According to the video, there were fellow occupant of the compound, they were seen laughing while the fights continue outside the compound.

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