Video: Husband Scarcity, Lady Beg Man for Marriage

Husband Scarcity – The scarcity of husband in the street and purported marriage issues has made a lady to cry out.According to a post sighted on social media by Radius Times, the write gestured and pinpointed many things that have affects relationship, marriages, and unequivocally beg man for marriage.

The article in social media reads;

This may not be the best time for me to write on this because of misinterpretations, but i can no longer resist the push, ‘Husband Scarcity’ has become one of the challenges faced by many young girls today.


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If you go to prayer houses,majority of the intentions are prayer for a life partner. And this calls for concern, casting our mind back to the time of our mothers and grandmothers, was there really much of a ‘Husband Scarcity’ problem? Or maybe there were more men than women then, or there was an adequate corresponding numbers of both gender, I don’t think so.

Husband Scarcity

Maybe then, the women had values and we’re prepared to build a home. Then once a young man comes of age and can at least feed himself and his wife, he goes out in search of a wife and the women really appreciates him and help him to build a future. What am I really trying to say? We created what we now see as ‘Husband Scarcity’ for ourselves.

Today, the reverse is the case. Ask an average girl to define her dream husband, you will get things like ‘he has to be tall, handsome, fair, and rich, own a house at least and be presentable’. Then, check the number of girls around you and the number of men that meet that standard, and you will see the problem.

You hear girl say, ‘I can’t suffer in my father’s house and then go and start suffering with another man’. What a wonderful dream! What if from the beginning, you have everything you want and there is no suffering, and and later in the marriage, the table turns around, then comes suffering?

Will you rub away? No one prays for suffering, but it’s good to start s and end big than to start big and end small. The problem is virtually the same. When 50 girls want the same kind of man and the man that fits what they want is just 1 man, and the man can only pick one. Then what becomes of the 49?.

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