USAID Offers Grant To Support Food Security in Nigeria – You Can Apply Now To Benefits

There is great news for Nigerian youth as international organization is partnering the youth. The international organisation notice the declining nature of food as a result of the pandemic and has put out ways to contribute immensely in making food bounty for the population.

The international body would partner with existing firms and and firms that will like to go into production across Nigeria and a whooping amount have been sets aside to empower any Nigerian willing to be part of the extraordinary move of food production through out Nigeria. USAID is determined to strengthen the existing and current food value chain which is affected by inability to produce, process and distribute the substance across Nigeria effectively.

Those that will partner with the international body will seek collaboration with local farmers and and other relevant stakeholders in the country to make the move for the food security a success afterwards. As they embark on the mission, the next six months will be pivotal in increasing Agricultural produce and food security through out the entire country. Old and new partners are needed to substantially achieve this aim and such with their organisation should have a novel concern for the call.


The categories of persons and organisation which could partake in this noble programme should strictly withing the ambit of the lay down below. Those who wish to join the programme can do so as new persons and organisation are welcome on board.

. Youth involved company not more than age 29

. Company having more than 1000 existing customers and still growing and expanding, currently in the production, processing and distribution.

. Such would be willing to help farmers and stakeholders to effect the USAID food security mission in Nigeria.

. Mid-staged and Youth- led companies.


. To have excess and promote food and agricultural productivity and brings about sufficient and efficient production in the value chain of agriculture, food production, processes and distribution in the entire country.

. Providing substantial income from the base up of men and women that will participate in the programme in the rural dwellings.

. Offering technical assistance for mid-staged and youth-led companies to brings about high productivity and releasing the capital to they need considerably to measure up through the solution and meeting up the requirements for the challenge.

. Develop a local model that will enhance local based productivity and tapping on local production, local processing and local marketing via distribution of the food productions.

. Promote, enhance biodiversity resilience through compendium management of natural resources that are ready available and could be fetched by the local farmers and stakeholders.

. Promote and increase demand for safe nutritious foods and every other nutrition related substance as can be readily made available within the locality.


The below are the eligibility criteria which every applicants must undergo before they can be considered for the USAID food security in Nigeria.

. TYPE: The USAID challenge is widely opened and those that can participate are those who have a registered company in Nigeria and has local presence in the small, medium business in Nigeria and have never worked for USAID.

. SIZE: In this challenge, size does not matter but open for any body that have novel for food security regardless of your location in Nigeria.

. PRESENT IN NIGERIA: Every participating company must be duly registered with Nigeria government and have the license to operate. We welcome partners in the joint ventures, commercial ventures or merged acquisition and must have innovative that will drives home the challenge aim afterwards.

. COMPANY MATURITY: The company that will be involved should have a substantially stable finance which they use to bankroll their business in the food security sector in Nigeria.

. CURRENCY: All currency quote must be to the United states of America Dollar.

. LANGUAGE: Every application must be done in English. Those done order than English will be discarded forthwith.


The application must be done on the USAID portal before such would be considered for merit. The application is open and will close soon on the 9th of Mary. If you are interested, do yourself good to apply through here and complete the asterisk marks before submitting.


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