Update: Npower Physical Verification Reschedule, Renumeration Announcement

NASIMS Payment Update

Npower Physical Verification Reschedule – This is an update to effect the concern of applicants physical verification.

Since Npower applicants in the batch C Stream 1 were deployed, there have been palpable concern among deployed applicants. Most applicants who were deployed could not download their Place of Primary Assignment PPA letter.

Npower Physical Verification Reschedule

This development have brought fear to the minds of applicants in stream 1. Some expressed fear and praying that they shouldn’t be disqualified from the scheme over inability to re-upload signed place of primary assignment letter PPA.

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Npower Physical Verification Reschedule – Physical Verification

Npower physical Verification have been an issue for applicants. Some applicants who were deployed were not allocated center for physical verification. And some who were allocated center for their physical Verification couldn’t re-upload their place of primary assignment (PPA).

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Npower Physical Verification Reschedule – Re-annoucement & Reschedule

According to a reliable source, owing to the difficulties to applicants are facing, Npower will announce a new date for physical Verification screening. The re-annoucement would come at a time when Npower has rectify all the issues applicants are currently facing.

Npower Physical Verification Reschedule – Npower Renumeration

Npower is currently preparing renumeration i.e payment for Npower Batch C Stream 1 applicants. The payment will soon commence starting from September, 2021. Those applicants who could Successfully upload their signed place of primary assignment letter would be paid.

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Applicants who is still facing difficulties would not receive payment untill all issues are resolved by Npower. Applicants without September payment will subsequently receive the payment as Npower is determined not to owe beneficiaries.

Npower Physical Verification Reschedule Npower Batch C Stream 2

Npower Batch C Stream 2 list will soon be out. This will be done when all issues rated to stream 1 have been totally rectify by Npower. The commencement date will be announced, which will follow contacting applicants who merit to benefits from the programme. Such applicants would have access to bio-metric verification and would be deployed after.