Update: NASIMS Issue Stern Warning To Batch C Applicants

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has issued sterning warning to Npower Batch Applicants.

In a letter dated to 3rd June, 2021. The social investment programme, Plateau State chapter released a memo titled URGENT AND IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FIR NPOWER BATCH C

The letter reads;

Very important information reaching the focal person’s office from the headquarters indicates that following the shortlisting and subsequent communication to Npower applicants over 48 hours ago, National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) observed a very low response rate of less than 10%.

All candidates that received mails from NASIMS are requested to urgently and carefully follow instructions for the biometric data enrollment. This is a very critical issue in the Npower Batch C selection and online validation process. You are expected to submit online upon successful enrollment of all four fingers.

Accordingly, shortlisted candidates are to note that shortlisted applicants would be ineligible for final selection if they do not enroll their biometric data before 6th of June, 2021. The letter was signed by Dr Sumaye Hamza.