University Girl, Sponsor Caught Making Out in Hotel Room

There was drama in an Hotel in Nairobi Kenya after a man and his side chick screamed for help.

This is according to which reported the incident. The incident happened as a man and his side chick were together in an hotel room having a nice time.

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The University lady had snatched her sponsor from his legitimate wife and have been sleeping around with him. The man’s wife had warned the lay severally but she won’t listen.

On this faithful, the man had check in with the University lady in an undisclosed hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

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After awhile, they both suddenly screamed aloud to the public hearing. Pathetic gripped the hotel management as they couldn’t fathom what happened.

Unfortunately, as man and the lady were having a nice time, they both stick at their genital organs. The inseparable nature of their genital caused them to scream for help.

It was reported that the man’s wife had put a spell on the man to get stuck with any lady he sleeps around with. Solution however came following the man’s wife intervention. Her intervention made them to be separated.