Trouble in Tottenham as Conte, Daniel Levy in Office Battle over Conte’s Commentaries

Trouble bellow yesterday after Tottenham Hotspur drew 3-3 Southampton in the English Premier League.

The scores line left Tottenham manager Antonio Conte fume with the Italian releasing unguarded statement on Tottenham players and club chairman, Daniel Levy.

Antonio Conte ha criticized his players for being selfish and the club manager been unsuccessful in his endeavour as the club chairman.

Tottenham were on the brink of running away with three points untill penalty was awarded for the home team against Tottenham at the dying minutes.

The penalty was converted by Southampton player and the drew the level 3-3 after final whistle.

However, Antonio Conte statement has irked the club chairman with the Italian provocative statement not well accepted by Tottenham chairman.

Reports suggest Antonio Conte could loose his position as manager of the club while Daniel Levy rage continue.

According to reports, the battle line has been drawn between the duo and only time would tell.

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