Transaction Fail, Login Fail, Verification & Deployment Challenges, Do The Following

There is way out of the current challenges Npower applicants are facing as they attempt to login for verification purpose and to know their deployment status.

The lingering issues is making a lot of applicants to panic, some are already thinking they must been screened out of the scheme and that’s why they couldn’t login to the dashboard.

in the face of all the lingering headache, applicants should know the following below, they should also note that no applicants have been screened out as the screening just kick off by nasims.

. SCREENING: Inability to login to the dashboard is not a sign that applicants have been screened out of the scheme. The screening is on going as stated on the nasims portal

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Hi there, thank you for applying to be a beneficiary of N-POWER Batch C programme. We are looking through the list of applicants and it might take a while. If you qualify to move on the next stage, we will reach out to you.

For any questions feel to check out the FAQ below or contact us

.VERIFICATION: Applicants should not that the verification is still on going. Npower management boldly state this on the website.

Hello Applicants,
You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, please check back later

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. DEPLOYMENT: Not every all applicants have been deployed. At the moment applicants have be not deployed. Deployment will take place after thorough verification.

In respect to this, information on the website reads;

Dear Applicants, you have not been deployed yet.

You have not being deployed yet. Please check back for the deployment information after deployment date has been set.