Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About

Three Vulva Holes Females Don't Know About
Three Vulva Holes Females Don't Know About

Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About – There are three holes that exists in the Vulva of a lady. The holes are very important and performs different functions in the body of  female.

Second: The vaginal opening is right below your urethral opening. It’s where menstrual blood leaves your body, and babies are born. A variety of things can go inside your vagina, like fingers, penises, sex toys, tampons, and menstrual cups.

Third: The Anus is third opening in a female body. The Anus allow the passage of feaces from the female body.

10 Things To Know About The Vaginal

The vagina is many things: the birth canal, the uterus; direct line to the outside world, the actual portal making intercourse possible… and yet, few people (even those with the body part) know much about it.

We do know people get a little skittish about things they don’t understand; and the vagina is no exception. For aeons we’ve tolerated the vagina being portrayed with dangerously sharp teeth; watched hack doctors place pleasant scents near the vaginal opening to cure hysteria caused by the mythical wandering womb; even borne witness to the assumption that vaginal spasms merely “interfere with penetration.”

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Yeah… so none of those things are actually real. And although in recent years we’ve spent some more time as a culture giving this special body part its deserved respect, we’re long overdue for a little refresher course on everyone’s favorite, warmest place on Earth.

No, women do not pee from their vaginas

Let’s start with Anatomy 101. Do you know how many holes there are in a woman’s nether regions? If you believe the hole babies come out of is the same hole used for urination, you’re sadly mistaken. In fact, women have three portals: a urethra, vagina, and anus. Don’t laugh — a shocking number of people don’t know this.

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It’s not a black hole / Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About

Vaginas can expand, but nothing can actually get lost up there. This is great for women who want to use their vagina as a coin purse, because unless a penny, a tube of lipstick, or anything else that could comfortably fit in there was the size of a sperm and could slip through the cervix, there is nothing to fear.

The vagina and beer are basically the same

At least when it comes to pH level. The vagina’s pH level is typically between 3.5 and 4.5 — just about right on point with beer.

You get twice the vagina during sex

Everyone has heard someone refer to a vagina as “loose,” implying it’s spacious, worn, and/or overused. Vaginas are about 3 or 4in deep, but they actually expand about twice their size to accommodate varying penis (or toy!) sizes. So, when a man penetrates the vagina, it will feel longer and wider than it would during periods of non-arousal. Vaginas can become loose, but it is often a result of old age or childbirth.

But you can also just have two vaginas

Yes, there are some women who have two vaginas. This rare condition is known as uterus didelphys, and to this date, doctors are still unsure as to how this is caused. Fortunately, women with this condition can still have a normal sex life and carry and deliver their children with no problem.

Women are equipped with a vaginal alert system

A vagina can reveal a number of things about a woman: when she’s horny, sick, and even when she’s ovulating. This is actually something that comes in handy when trying to conceive. At the time of ovulation, the cervical mucus will be clear and stretchy unlike the usual thick, white mucus that is experienced when a woman is not ovulating.

Vaginas are like… sweat socks?

This is possibly the best, but most ridiculous, way to describe what a vagina looks like. With nothing in it, the organ’s muscles lie flat — and there’s even a top; presumably to keep anything from getting lost. What goes in will, eventually, find its way back out.

That white stuff is actually normal / Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About

All women have vaginal discharge, but all make different amounts. It is a combination of tubal fluids, cervical mucus, oil, sweat, cells, and fluid from the vagina’s walls. Throughout the month, the amount, color, and consistency of the discharge may change. There may also be an abnormal change experienced when a female has vaginitis or even an STI.

The amount of wetness doesn’t only depend on her arousal level

I totally get that it might seem like if a woman’s wet, you’re doing something right. Well… make that half right. While it’s true the vagina gets wet when a woman is aroused, the actual amount of wetness can also have a lot to do with where she is in her cycle.

Vaginas have their own orgasm / Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About

Guys can only have one type of orgasm, but women actually get FOUR. With the vagina having so many areas that are sensitive and can feel pleasure, there’s actually a specific vaginal orgasm — as well clitoral, blended, and (your favorite and mine) multiple orgasms.

Three Vulva Holes Females Don't Know About
Three Vulva Holes Females Don’t Know About