Theobarth Lists of Verified NGOs Listed to Disburse Grants

A circular have emerged online comprising names of verified NGOs to disburse grants to Theobarth foundation grants applicants.

Theobarth foundation grants Applicants are waiting when the grants would be disbursed to worthy applicants. The Theobarth Foundation Grant applicants seems to be growing tired as no useful information breaks concerning Theobarth Foundation Grant disbursement.

The circular quoted Theobarth Foundation Grant media unit as the originator of the names of the NGOs listed.

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However, as seen online, the names of the NGOs listed to disburse grants to Theobarth foundation Grant applicants includes the below.

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. Nation Builders

. Olukay Mercy Foundation

. Good Tidings Foundation

. Golden Bridge

. Life Builders Foundation

Others includes,

. Divine Trust

. Living Water

. Betterlife Humanitarian & Empowerment Initiatives

. Bempa Care Foundation

. Ishiba NGO

And the last NGOs includes;

. Glorifil Foundation NGO

. Glad Tidings Entrepreneurship Foundation

. True Riches Multi purpose Co-operative Society

. Glory House NGO

. Life Foundation Vision Empowerment

The above is as noted and circulated on social media.