Theobarth Grants Disbursement Date Reveals

There are indications that the Theobarth Foundation Grant is set to be disbursed after a long wait by applicants.

Theobarth Foundation Grant disbursement is long overdue. Most applicants had thought disbursement may not come owing to lack of information from Theobarth.

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According to a reports, Theobarth Foundation Grant Disbursement Committee met within the week. The key agenda of the meeting was disbursement formula to every worthy applicants.

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NGOs Communication with Applicants

As reported, NGOs would be sending an official information to Applicants detailing to avail them when disbursement would kick off. This is important to maintain transparency of deeds.

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Disbursement Date

According to, disbursement would commence two weeks after NGOs official information to applicants. And this not later than 30 days after February.

Source: Sighted Online