Our accelerator programme is designed to give you the funding and platform you need to take your company global.
We offer start-ups $25,000 USD in funding and a 3-month cohort program including personalised two-week consultation sessions with tailored support, in exchange for 10% equity.
Our ventures teamwork with our portfolio to accelerate growth, build capacity and unlock the next stages of funding to help companies scale.

Who Can Apply

  • We work with early-stage technology creating or technology-enabled businesses
  • Our remit covers the whole of Africa, as long as you are living and working in a key market that we cover then we’d like to work with you
  • We will work with companies across many sectors and verticals. There are a few industry areas we don’t specialise in which are outlined in our FAQ’s
  • We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our FAQ’s as well as taking a look at the Application Form
  • Applications should take around 15 to 25 minutes, the more information you can provide upfront the better.

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What Do I Need to Apply

  • Our expertise is early-stage tech companies, we ideally want companies that have built an MVP of their product or service, or are at the initial stages of scale
  • We require a couple of documents from you to support your application (i.e. investment deck, cap table, traction document, etc.) 

How to Apply

Interested persons should click the link to apply