Survival Funds: How Benefit From FG Disbursement

Survival Funds

Survival Funds – The federal government has made a scintillating comment in respective to the survival Funds.

Nigerians applied for the survival Funds aftermath of the COVID-19 in 2020 and in the early of 2021. Those applicants who applied in 2020 had received survival Funds from the government. The January and February application was announced and Nigerians applied with zest of benefiting from the scheme.

January and February applicants are yet to receive funds as the survival fund have not be disbursement. The Government had said the funds could be used to cushion the effect of COVID-19 on Small and medium scale business. It could also be used to start a small scale business for any willing to start a business.

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Survival Funds – Announcement on Tuesday

On Tuesday the federal government announced that it has disbursed a whopping sum to Nigerians that truly deserve the funds. The news came as surprised to many Nigerians with many saying they haven’t received yet. The federal government of Nigeria claimed they have disbursed a whopping sum of N57 billion to Nigerians who applied for the survival funds.

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Survival Funds – Has The Government Disbursed Survival Funds

The federal government has disbursed funds to some Nigerians in latter stage of 2020. Those that benefited from this applied for the funds in 2020 through the website of Survival Fund. A varying amount was disbursed to applicants across Nigerian through Nirsal Microfinance Bank.

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Survival Funds – 2021 Survival Funds Application

The 2021 application saw Nigerians applied in great number the first application did not witness. The 2021 application was done in categories which household credit funds. And targeted credit facility (TCF) on the survival funds portal.

Survival Funds

Survival Funds – Has The 2021 Funds Be disbursed

The 2021 funds have not be disbursed to applicants. There have been earnest waiting for the funds to be disbursed by nirsal microfinance bank by applicants.

Survival Funds – Would 2021 Application Considered For Disbursement

The disbursement is at the prerogative of the federal government of Nigeria. The government may decide to disburse the funds to Nigerians before the government come to an ends in 2023. Applicant should be on the alert for the disbursement 9f the funds.