Sunday Igboho Sends Thunder, Wind On Herders in Yoruba Forest

Sunday Igboho – A Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo widely known as Sunday Igboho has vowed to evicts all Fulani from Yoruba Land.Sunday spoke through his spokesperson, Koiki on Wednesday that the combining of Yoruba forest will commence soon to evicts all Fulani out of Yoruba Land.

The freedom fighter have been leading, and rallying round support for the possible scession of Yoruba Nation from Nigeria.

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He alleged there’s clear distinction between Yoruba and Fulani, and Yoruba needs to show the Fulani the stuff they are made of. He said how can less than 50 million people be threatening and killing 250 million people in Nigeria.

He stated that from beginning from Monday, the Fulani shall be evicted from every forest in Yoruba where they are occupying and carry our there dastardly acts. He made it clear himself will be ensuring compliance to the eviction from Yoruba forest.

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Sunday Igboho claimed that very soon, he will send wind to the Yoruba forest, to comb and evicts every Fulani out of the forest. He continues and said if they try to arrest him, or even send bomb on him, I’ll send thunder on them.

Sunday Igboho have been very vocal and active in restoring Yoruba Nation. His involvement and constant eviction he issued to the Fulani stemmed from the constantly killings of people in his village, Ibarapa in Oyo state.

Si ce then he has commanded a lot if follows and the Yoruba people sees him as the Messiah that will liberates the region from oppressive Nigerian government. Sunday is renowned for being the major force that guarded Osun State village, Modakeke from not been consumed during the against Ife in about two decades ago.

Major news and some individual have claimed that Sunday Igboho is a man of metaphysics who can command weapons and it’s will appear.