Stream 2: Npower Gives Instructions To All Applicants

Npower Exits Package

As Npower applicants in batch C stream 2 awaits to be screened, verified and shortlisted for the programme. The Npower official has issued an instructive notice to all applicants who awaits their fate in the Batch C stream 2 of the programme.

The information is timely for all applicants as they are necessary for proper procedures for the stream 1 and stream 2 as categorised in the Batch C of the programme.

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While there’s slow start to the stream 2, it is important to bear in mind and follow the instructions carefully so as to be part of the batch C programme.

The below are the instructions, they are key to success in the programme.

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. Applicants waiting to be verified and shortlisted should login to the dashboard and tap ‘verify button’.

. Click ‘capture your fingerprint’ button to download and install the enrollment software

. After installation, provide the required credentials and click proceed.

. Make sure the fingerprint biometrics device is connected, then click on begin enrollment to launch the enrollment application.

. Click on the fingerprint to begin the enrollment process.

. Applicants are to enrol their right thumb, right index, left thumb and left index only for successful enrollment.

. After successful enrollment, click submit to save enrollment.