Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment – Apply Now

Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment – Job  opportunities are opened at the Spie oil and Gas Services Company. There are various job positions you can apply for and get the employment in the company.

Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment : JOb Title – Electrical Technician

Job position reference number: 2021-20447

Job Type: Temporary work contract

Job Contractual hour: Full-time

Job Contract Duration: 4 Months

Employee Status: Employee


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Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment – Spie Oil & Gas Services is in need of an Electrical Technician to join the oil and gas company.

The Purpose of the Job

. Assembling, evaluating, testing and maintaining electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances and apparatus

. Troubleshooting and repairing manufacturing equipment, appliances and equipment

. Constructing and fabricating parts for the company

. Repair and replace defective parts in motors and generators

. Install. maintain and repair electrical, electromechanical and electronic parts of machinery and equipment

. Read and interprets blueprints, schematics and writing diagrams

. Prepares schedules and coordinates activities with varied electrical divisions and sections

. Plan and prepare work orders or instructions utilizing blueprint, sketches and drawings.

. Ensure to populate printed circuit boards

. Evaluates electrical as well as operational problems

. Ensure accurate and apt completion of all protective maintenance duties

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HOW TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION:  Intending applicants can apply by clicking this link.

Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment: Instrument Technician

Location: Port Harcourt

Contract Type: Fixed-Term Contract

Contract Duration: Employee Status

Job Description 

Spie Oil & Gas Services Jobs Recruitment -Spie oil and gas is in need of instrument technician to work and handle the major technician of the company

. Inspects, tests, adjusts, and repairs electric, electronic and mechanical instruments and systems used to indicate, record and gas powered electric generating turbine.

.Ensure conformance with environmental and safety requirements  commensurate with executing required instrument.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested applicants should click this link and apply