Shell Secondary School, Cradle-To-Career Scholarship Awards Guide

Shell is widely respected for the number of scholarship it’s offers students in varying degree and in different categories which covers little beginning and up to the post graduate studies in Nigeria.

The company is renowned in the empowerment of the people and are a result oriented firm not just in the company but also in the manner that concerns humanity and education of people mostly in the area where they have operations. The Shell have engaged in several scholarship awards to countless number of students and including the category of cradle to career which the company also run.

In Nigeria, the presence of Shell has affected the social space of the country especially in the host communities and beyond the communities as well. Those that have reaped as individual and community are bounty in numbers and one could not easily fathomed all. The scholarship awards are granted to every deserving students in any locality that is in the catchment of oil producing area in the country.

This gesture have acquainted some Nigerian students who should not have had post graduate degree awards in credentials to be a worthy owner of post graduate studies degree without stress. The evidence of this is shown through the manner in which Shell scholarships sponsors pride about their success which is loud in any field they find themselves in local and the international level.

Owing to the achievement in the record books of Shell in the area of scholarship which some have benefited, the scholarship is program is in core line to the aspiration of the company. Yearly the several students apply for the scholarships and they are been awarded after the company must have carried out a due examination of every candidate that applied for the scholarship programme.

The idea of awarding scholarship various categories of students needing it is a well planned one, and as a result of this the current application for this year in ongoing and students who wishes to partake in benefiting from the Shell scholarship should endeavour to apply now. The current application kicked off in March and has still not ended. In a bit to extend the scholarship to every angle of education, Shell dish out scholarship to students and pupils in various school, the acts have made school easy for most students and pupils whose parents lack the financial muscle to train in them in any school they intend to studies.


Shell essentially provide scholarship for students in different University in Nigeria. Those students who are exceptionally bright are awarded the scholarship on a merit scale. This have been the situation for years and have not changed but the standard are constantly raised to give room for authenticity and accommodate more students that wish to apply and benefit in the glorious scholarship programme.


Under this category, Shell primarily awards scholarship to students that want to undertake post graduate studies and hail from the Niger-Delta region. This is solely dedicated to raise students from the region towards having their education dream fulfilled. This is on and many students in the region are benefiting in great number yearly.


This scholarship is purposely arranged for students in the oil producing area in different states of Nigeria. The has be a major programme by Shell and have been awarding scholarship to deserving students and pupils. The pupils and students who intend to partake in achieving this scholarship would need to hail from any of the oil producing state in Nigeria. The states includes; Rivers, delta, bayelsa, Abia, Edo, Akwa- Ibom etc.

Yearly Shell receives bounty application for this category from students and pupils that hail from these states. The resultant of the application receive have made and provides cushion effect for parents who can’t send their children to a reputable school. The great idea has attracted many application and many of the applicants have benefited from the programme forthwith.


This category provides ample opportunity for pupils to benefit from the excellent programme but such pupil who want to benefit should hail from the oil producing area where successfully operates. Those pupils that benefits are exceptionally brilliant and they receive their awards immediate once verification is completed.


Shell scholarship is readily open to any qualified students or pupils. The scholarship programme is access click here and you must be a students before attempting to apply. The great is the reward for students who benefit from the scholarship programme as they have bounty money in their wallet.