SEIFAC Writes Special Notice To All Applicants Ahead of Disbursement

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement

SEIFAC has written a special information to all applicants of the scheme.

The special information was made public today to put applicants’ in the know of what is happening.

The information is contained below,

The management of Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (SEIFAC) has taken drastic measures to stringently curtail the activities of fraudsters and scammers trying to dupe members of the Cooperative through social media and SMS.

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This is contained in a statement signed by the National Programme Coordinator of SEIFAC, Mr. Patrick Abur, and made available to the media on Sunday.Mr. Abur revealed that SEIFAC will henceforth pass information peculiar to each member on their respective dashboard via their profile on the SEIFAC portal, therefore members are expected to disregard any text or an email message sent to them that they did not solicit from SEIFAC or Heritage Bank Plc to avoid being scammed by scammers under the disguise of SEIFAC or Heritage Bank Plc.

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The Coordinator has warned his members to be wary of all messages not demanded from SEIFAC or its PFI Heritage Bank as any message they receive anywhere bearing the name of SEIFAC or Heritage Bank they should kindly confirm that on the SEIFAC website – the only authorized source for SEIFAC news if not found on the SEIFAC site members and the general public are advised to kindly disregard such messages and the instructions therein and report to SEIFAC.
The SEIFAC boss stressed that the management is synergizing with the Security operatives to clamp down on the activities of the culprits.So far the report SEIFAC has from the security operative on the scamming of SEIFAC cooperators is that the scammer(s) are opportunistic and new entrants and they are silently working with Flutterwave, Paystack, and other payment systems to engulf the perpetrators.
In a bid of giving quality services to the people, the National Programme Coordinator called on members to always reach out to SEIFAC for support through the Support Centre on 08132385944 and the contact page on the website as the only authorized sources for getting updates on the activities of the organization.