Seifac Sends Special Warnings to Applicants

Seifac Funds Disbursement Date

Seifac has sent a special warning to applicants of the anchor borrowers’ programme.

Seifac made the special warning known to applicants in response to a mail an applicant sent to the management.

And applicants ad asked seifac if it’s true that disbursement has commenced.

In a swift response, seifac replied by sending warnings to applicants. Seifac letter was captured, ” any account upgrade or loan approval message by SMS or email is fake.

” Such email does not emanate from seifac. BECAREFUL not to fall prey in the hands of fraudsters/scammers/419 in other not to be scammed of your heard-earned money. Kindly disregard message, and advise other seifac members to same to avoid been scammed.

” We are working hard to apprehend the perpetrators”.