SEIFAC Payment: Major Announcement On Dateline For Applicants Documentation

Seifac payment

SEIFAC Payment – This publication is intended guide SEIFAC applicants on SEIFAC Payment.

There have been palpable notion among among applicants over a possible SEIFAC loan disbursement. A good numbers of applicants are on the look out for SEIFAC loan disbursement months after application.

If you’re one of such applicants who is on the look out, look no further as this publication has details. We’re obliged to tell applicants that there should be no worries concerning the SEIFAC loan payment.

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SEIFAC Payment – Loan Documentation Dateline Extended

Applicants shouldn’t worry about when SEIFAC payment would be made. Before now SEIFAC made major announcement in related matters. Until that is solved, before SEIFAC payment would be made to all applicants that deserve the loan.

Seifac payment

The major announcement reads: This is to bring to the notice of all SEIFAC members farmers. Visitors to SEIFAC website and the general public at large, that another shift in dateline for loan documentation. Relevant stakeholders in the programme unanimously requested a shift in the dateline to enable member Smallholder Farmers execute their loan documentation.

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SEIFAC Payment – Reason For Dateline Shift

The loan documentation is important to enable Smallholder Farmers benefits from the programme. In regard this, the new dateline is 3rd of Saturday, 2021. On the other hand the extension became necessary

SEIFAC Payment – Heritage Bank To Roll-out Members SEIFAC Project Wallet Account

SEIFAC and it’s PFI are working tirelessly on Technology that will ensure that all members who are yet to receive their project wallet account shall receive, activate and execute their loan documentation within the extension periods.

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SEIFAC Payment – Applicants should Remain Calm

We therefore call on all our members across the country to remain calm and resolute while we ensure the delivery of their project Wallet Account.

Applicants can read Details here

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