Seifac Loan Disbursement

SEIFAC Disbursement: Understanding Agro Production Cluster
SEIFAC Disbursement: Understanding Agro Production Cluster

Applicants are endlessly waiting for Seifac to commence disbursement of loans to applicants who deserves several months after application had closed.

Seifac disbursement had faced an upheaval with different stories emerging daily from unverified sources. The development had made most applicants to be skeptical on the authenticity of seifac programme.

Some unverified sources had claimed the loan disbursement would commence two weeks after seifac had successfully activated all Heritage Bank Co-branded ATM card.

However, applicants may not completely rely on such information as seifac never issued any comunicaque in respect to seifac loans disbursement.

Applicants could take pains to very sources information they come across, and such never made any payment or disclose bank details to unsuspecting or verified persons posing as seifac personnel.