Seifac Funds Disbursement – Fate of Applicants

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement

SEIFAC funds disbursement has become a mirage for young Nigerians who applied for the programme early in 2021.

A farm programme that promises applicants green success yield and success. Young Nigerians turned up to apply for SEIFAC programme during application periods.

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SEIFAC stands for Smallholder Economics Interest Farmers Agricultural Corporative. The programme came with a clear vision to eradicate hunger, organise small farmers and makes accessible funds available for farmers.

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SEIFAC funds disbursement – All farmers who applied for SEIFAC are earnestly awaiting disbursement of funds after Successful completion steps for disbursement.

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Months later, seifac came up with ATM Card registration and disbursement with Heritage Bank. This never came to fruition as applicants had no green light pumping possibility of programme success.

What Should Applicants Do ?

While continuous waiting for funds disbursement is tiring, and applicants’ lossing faith. We can only advised that applicants should have hope even as it’s almost one year of application. It possible, the funds and the ATM Card is distributed in the new year.