SEIFAC Disbursement: Here Are Three(3) Important Documents You Must Make Available to Receive Loan

The Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative(SEIFAC), is a government approved Empowerment Scheme that is designed by the Buhari administration to support all Nigerians farmers in improving their farming system.

The program is aimed at awarding of loanso of over N500, 000 Naira to all successful applicants. However, the management, led by Patrick Abur, have assured all applicants for the disbursement exercise which is yet to commence few months from now. In regard to this, Applicants are to get prepared as some people will be disqualified in the last stage of the screening.

Considering the above, I deemed it right to share my opinion on the three important documents which every person must make available as the disbursement process is about to kick off.

Below are the three important documents every applicant must make available against the disbursement process:

1. Certificate of Origin

The certificate of Origin should not be over emphasized as it helps the SEIFAC management to get in contact with their respective members. In essence, applicants are expected to make their certificate of Origin ready over the disbursement exercise.

2. Applicants are also expected to get their Bank Verification Number(BVN), from their respective banks, available for the upcoming disbursement process.

3. The SEIFAC documentation form

All successful persons are also expected to get their SEIFAC Loan Agreement form ready, which is one of the criteria for successful disbursement.

In conclusion, the Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative(SEIFAC), is a legit Empowerment Scheme which every person must not miss this great opportunity.