SEIFAC Disbursement: Applicants Take Note

SEIFAC Disbursement: Understanding Agro Production Cluster
SEIFAC Disbursement: Understanding Agro Production Cluster

It’s been awhile applicants have been waiting for seifac disbursement after several months of application.

Seifac management are doing all possible to commence disbursement of funds to worthy applicants provided such merits the programme.

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Seifac has recently commenced disbursement of  Co-branded ATM Card for applicants to withdraw from their Heritage Bank Account.

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However, there are a lot of messages applicants receives daily from unknown sources which could not be linked to seifac. One of such message demands applicants to pay sum of money after directing unsuspecting applicants to visit flutterwaves website to accept approval.

Dear applicants, your seifac loan has been approved. Visit the to accept your loan offer at any cyber cafe.

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A keen verification could not attest that such mail comes from seifac. Applicants should be wary of mail they receive on their gadgets to avoid fraud.

Applicants also should wait for official information before attempting to take any action they seem fit.

SEIFAC Disbursement
SEIFA Disbursement