Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution Update – Applicants Take Note

Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution
Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution

Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – Seifac applicants would have fair chance to receive Co-Branded ATM card mass produced by Heritage Bank.

Seifac had distributed Co-Branded ATM Card to applicants of the small farmers holders programme several months ago. Though, not all applicants had receive the Co-Branded ATM card Nationwide before abruptly ended.

General opinions has that seifac Co-Branded ATM Card was distributed in some states including the federal capital territory, Abuja. Such development sparked Nationwide reactions from applicants of the programme.

However, emerging story suggest seifac management is planning phase two distribution of Co-Branded ATM Card to applicants who deserves it before loan disbursement. According to, the Co-Branded ATM Card would be distributed in states where distribution didn’t hold during phase one distribution.



Cluster Farming model entails that the government/communities/farmers have to make available land for its citizen/members to farm in a contiguous piece of land to enjoy internal economies of scale like the commercial farmers do, with this the Smallholder Farmers will be able to overcome their underlying issues of non-payback of loans will be a forgotten issue. In this model the best agronomic practices are implored on managing the clusters which brings about increase the Smallholder Farmers yields and result in the farmers being able to solve their peculiar problems of children’s school fees, savings, housing, and health – Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution


To SEIFAC “Cluster Farming is a group of farmers or agricultural enterprises who chose to work together on shared economic interests and towards achieving common goals”.


The advantages of SEIFAC cluster farming include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Clearing of Massive Land and Allocation to farmers.
  • Mechanized Farming System which takes away associated drudgery thus makes farming attractive to both the old and youths.
  • Use of Quality Planting Materials.
  • Application of quality fertilizer that increase crops yields.
  • Reduced production and transaction costs.
  • Lower premium of risk;
  • Market linkage for marketing of produce at international prices for easy loan payback;
  • Prompt payback of farmers’ loans to qualify for the next cropping season(s).
  • Farmers Health Insurance Policy;
  • Transportation of Farm Produce;
  • Extension Services;
  • Rural Banking;
  • Housing and Shelter Funds and
  • Agriculture becomes attractive hence the introduction of business model in agriculture through cluster farming model.

Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – The world over, cluster farming has brought a paradigm shift in which agriculture is no more considered as a thing of the poor or a cultural thing but a very lucrative business that supply and demand can never be at equilibrium giving the demographics of the global population.



SEIFAC Distance Farming simply called Adapt a Farmer is a farming window created for people who live in large cities, in Africa and the wide world who have the interest of investing in Agriculture but do not have access to land or might not have access for large piece of land for investment in the production enterprise(s) of their choice.

Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – SEIFAC’s Distance Farming Package is idle for the busy persons that don’t have the time to manage their farms, since agricultural production can never be achieved in proxy but requires a standing farm manager. Interested in Farming wherever you are on the globe, we give you a weekly report on the progress of your field’s development stage while you tend to your busy schedules and your farm suddenly grows to maturity. Let’s discuss further on Distance Farming in order for you to have multiple streams of income.


Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – It is the vision of SEIFAC as an entity to be involved in the cleaning, management and storage of various produce such as Rice, Cassava related products, Yam, Soybean, Groundnuts, Bambaranuts, and Sorghum, Sesame, Maize and associated products across the 36 states of the Federation including the FCT in million metric tons thus making SEIFAC the leader in agricultural produce, cleaning, management and storage in the country and West Africa.

SEIFAC agricultural produce, cleaning, management and storage services includes but not limited to the followings:

  • Quality and quantity assurance on and off seasons
  • Safe storage over prolonged periods
  • Compliance to Agricultural Food Product Standards
  • Use of accurate equipment by qualified personnel
  • Aggregation, cleaning, drying and bagging of produce



SEIFAC as a body and its members shall be actively involved in the trading and marketing of agricultural produce by the end of the 2020/2021 Dry Cropping Season and going forward, SEIFAC tends to be the market leader in the procurement, storage, processing and sales of Rice, Cassava related products, Yam, Soybean, Groundnuts, Bambaranuts, and Sorghum, Sesame, Maize and associated products and focuses on the origination of agricultural commodities on behalf of third parties and end users – Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution


Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – SEIFAC charter summarily is to lobby for the common and collective interest of her smallholder farmers who on most cases cannot acquire large parcels of land either on outright purchase or lease to carry out their production enterprise, SEIFAC acquires land on outright purchase, receives land as gift from communities and state governments and sometimes long-term lease, clears the lands and leases them to her farmers on considerable rates per annum. These feet shall lift most farmers out of poverty and lack.



Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – SEIFAC owns and manages her equipment mainly for the business of her members utilization on their cluster farms since she is engaged in nine (9) agricultural products production.

The dream of SEIFAC remains on ever increasing her machinery holding to reach a level in which all her production stages will be mechanized to take away drudgery, increase effectiveness and efficiency, sustainably increase food production to guarantee food security for the ever increasing population of Nigeria and Africa at large, earn more income to our teeming smallholder farmers and make agriculture more attractive than the white collar job, hence, cut down on the number of youth roaming the street in search for highly rewarding jobs.

SEIFAC is open for partnership with agricultural equipment manufacturing companies in this area to actualize its Corporate Plan titled “Vision 2030”.



Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution – SEIFAC as a cooperative do offers its members a competitive and economical enterprise financing platform coupled with financial advisory services that are tailored to each individual cluster enterprise which makes it easy for a common Smallholder Farmer to easily understand the loan, which are transparently administered timely according to the SEIFAC Cropping Calendar for each of our enterprises for both wet and dry cropping seasons. This offering has been expanded to include our approach to the CBN Anchor Borrowers Programme which ordinary some farmers have jeopardized in the time past and still ongoing. With the SEIFAC convenient debt recovery methodology, SEIFAC has guaranteed and convenient access to funding which her members tend to benefit from the commitment, knowledge, innovations, methodology and specifically SEIFAC’s group dynamisms of clustered farming focused on the welfare of its rural poor smallholder farmers whose livelihood wholly depends on their farm enterprises.


SEIFAC conducts research aimed at boosting the productivity of farmers as well as create an enabling environment for the cultivation of farm produce. The essence of the research is to consistently seek the most effective methods/varieties that will invariably impact on the output of farmers as well as their markets.

SEIFAC partners with other companies operating either in the down or upstream along her value chains to train its members on latest technologies and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and best agronomic practices on the production of their various enterprises. Our training methods employ participatory training techniques to achieve training objectives which includes interaction and on-farm demonstrations.


Having understood that the Smallholder Farmers suffer a lot from the hands of seed sellers and their associated middlemen who most at times package grains and sell to farmers as certified and foundation seeds due to high demand on planting materials. SEIFAC has taken a decisive decision to engage in the production of both foundation and certified seeds for to ensure that her member farmers have adequate access to quality planting materials which on the other side bolster the yield of farmers at harvest in order to sustainably increase members income.


In a bid to enhance commercial farming activities in the country as one of the core objectives of the Federal Government, the Management of Smallholder Economic Interest Farmers Agricultural Cooperative (SEIFAC) in partnership with its Participating Financial Institute (PFI) Heritage Bank Limited is putting concluding plan to launch a co-branded Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards for smooth financial transactions – Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution

Speaking with the National Programme Coordinator on Thursday, Mr. Patrick Abur stated that the ATM card idea was introduced to ease the financial activities of their cooperative members and to serve as a tool for identification.

According to him SEIFAC has opened Project Wallet Accounts for her members for the Anchor Borrowers Programme on Rice Production introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) few years ago.

He said ” The ATM Card will serve dual purposes for the operation of their SEIFAC Project Wallet Account and as an Identity Module.

The Programme Coordinator while describing the features on the Co-branded ATM Card said it will bear SEIFAC Logo and Name, Farmer’s full name, State, LGA Membership ID among and others.

Abur revealed that the card will serve as prerequisite for SEIFAC members for disbursement of funds into their wallets.

He stressed that the issuance of the ATM Cards will commences in few weeks only for members who have activated their accounts with the minimum balance of NGN2,000

He said ” When you see a debit on your account don’t be panic as it is for the service purpose of the ATM Card which is a vital instrument for accessing the disbursement of funds – Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution

The coordinator emphasized that the timeframe for the exercise is six weeks for ATM Cards Production noting that distribution shall be done through SEIFAC various states offices.

The SEIFAC boss tasked members who are yet to activate their accounts to key in immediately to enable them to benefit from the ATM card among other endowments of the cooperative as the organization is open for partnership with governments, multinationals and individuals to actualize its vision of Agricultural Production Cluster (Agro-PC) on commercial scale.

He noted that the management is working relentlessly towards achieving complete due process in pursuance of their agricultural credits and disbursement.

“Hence, account regularity, loan documentations, Batch 2 Project Wallet Account opening Agricultural Production Clusters (Agro-PCs) lands acquisition are ongoing. noting, SEIFAC management is yet to publish the disbursement time and date to the general public.

The Coordinator also cautioned members to disregard any disbursement date and time information published by non SEIFAC executive. He said be rest assured that we are working tirelessly towards achieving the goals of disbursement shortly and same will be officially published via our website;

Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution
Seifac Co-Branded ATM Re-distribution