Seifac ATM, Funds Disbursement: Special Notice to Applicants

A special notice has been sent to all applicants of seifac who are waiting for disbursement of ATM Card and funds.

The special notice is coming following different speculations of when would seifac disburse ATM Card and funds to applicants.

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In an effort for applicants to receive ATM Card and funds disbursement, the society is awashed with fraudster deciding different methods to scam unsuspecting applicants.

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This became imperative following an applicants of seifac who was scammed by an unknown scammer.

To ameliorates the ugly occurrence, applicants are advised to wait for official declaration of ATM card and funds disbursement.

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Seifac has earlier warned applicants to desist and stop patronising fake sms senders. For some months, applicants had received unsolicited sms and emails from unknown persons. Such sms and emails are from scammers.

Applicants should be wary of fraudster do as not to loose their hard earned money.