SEIFAC ATM Disbursement: Steps To Distributes Suggested To Avoid Beneficiaries Extortion

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement – It’s no longer News that SEIFAC Loan has entered into the ATM card production stage.

SEIFAC announced on 3rd of September that there would be a branded ATM card for all beneficiaries of the loan scheme. The branded ATM card would aide easy disbursement of funds and easy withdrawal of funds from beneficiaries SEIFAC Loan account.

You will recall that SEIFAC Loan application took place this year in Nigeria and many young people applied for the scheme. The scheme which centers in anchor borrowers would be given loan to Applicants who merits the loan through their application.

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SEIFAC ATM Disbursement – Production

Every beneficiaries of SEIFAC Loan would have an ATM card branded with SEIFAC. SEIFAC announced that the ATM card is peculiar to beneficiaries of SEIFAC Loan and is designed for 60,000 farmers in the 36 states and the fct.

The ATM card distribution will commence at a later date SEIFAC will announce and their various collection centers throughout Nigeria. Applicants should be awaiting disbursement date and their collection centers.

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SEIFAC ATM Disbursement – Steps To Distributes Suggested To Avoid Extortion

Ahead of the SEIFAC ATM distribution, a Nigerian have advised SEIFAC the best way he think could be safe to distribute the SEIFAC ATM without extortion.

A Nigerian with the name Toy Basil advised SEIFAC on the best way to distribute without moves for extortion by state or local government coordinator. He wrote on Facebook;

“Distribution of ATM should be done by the bank and should not be given to state or local government coordinators. So there will not be any opportunities to extorts money from us”, he concluded.

Steps To Distributes Suggested To Avoid Extortion – ATM Card Disbursement Date

SEIFAC ATM distance date will be announced by SEIFAC once the number of cards produced is enough for all applicants. Applicants should be on the look out for distribution.

SEIFAC ATM Disbursement