How To Secure Job Fast In Nigeria After University Education – Peace

Having a job in Nigeria after University studies has become the most difficult achievement for almost all Nigerian youths in the country.

The challenge of lack of job is as old as Nigerian itself and this have lasted for several years with the situation been a lifestyle for the youth. No one seems to care of job any more in Nigeria among the youth because it is well believed you won’t get no matter how you try. Being a graduate in Nigeria is almost a family feat because every almost all families in Nigeria can boast of a University graduate.

Nigerian youth roam the street upon their University graduate, many keep submitting application with no feed back from reputable places they have submitted. Some don’t even know where to submit while some don’t care to submit with a believe that it’s a waste of time and energy because nothing great will result from there.

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The opportunity that abounds in Overseas country is not the same in Nigeria and that’s explain why Nigerian that studied Abroad tends to avert returning home because there they can easily finds a lucrative job that will earn them considerable amount of money for their upkeep. So overseas graduates and Nigerian graduates are of different class after years of graduation, the overseas appearance will appear different if compare with Nigerian graduates of the same class.

However, upon challenges of lack of jobs for Nigerian graduate after University education, there are steps you can take to get employment in the country. This steps have put foods on the table of many graduates in Nigeria and if you adopt the same method, you will have something doing and remain out of joblessness.

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. SKILLS ACQUISITIONS: In today economic market globally, you don;t University degree certificate to secure a job anywhere. The certificate must be backed by ample skills that are outside of classroom walls. Students can learn a skill during the vacation and deplore their knowledge upon graduation from their respective University.

. APPEAR NEAT UPON INVITATION FOR JOB INTERVIEW: If you must secure a job you graduated from the University, one of the places certainly will invites you for an interview. To convince you’re ready for the job, you need to dress neat when you appear for the job interview. Your appearance can get the you job.

. BE HUMBLE, SMILES & SHOWS SOME SIGNS OF RESPECT WHEN YOU APPEAR FOR INTERVIEW: This is important, you must appear humble even though you’re not the type, smiles when you appear before the interviewer and be respectful when you attempt to deliver on the questions been asked by the interviewer. The manner of your responds could earn you less questions from them and the job could be your yours.

. POSSESS THE SKILLS & THE KNOWLEDGE NEEDED FOR THE JOB POSITION: It is germane you have the necessary skills and knowledge required for the job and as stated during advertisement for the job. This is the greatest tools and you must possess it before you can be considered for the position.