How To Score High & Pass JAMB Successfully – This is A Must Read For All Candidates

JAMB which stands for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is the sole examination Nigerian O’Level graduates takes before they can secure admission into any University in Nigeria including private Universities.

JAMB is saddled with the responsibility of organizing an annual examinations for all the O’Level graduates in the country and this is conducted a day before and now have been splits into days now which runs weekly or more. Most students have their heart panting whenever they want to sit for JAMB owing to the fear of failing the Examination.

The examination which is graded on 4,00 marks in total, the scores are awarded to students on merit on how they perform best in the exam. A maximum of four papers are written per applicants which the scores will be aggregated to candidate. To every candidates who will partake in this year JAMB examinations, there are worthy steps to take which could lead you to success in the end.

. DON’T WORRY, SCARE, FIDGET: This must be avoided if you must come out in flying colors after taken the examination. The worry and fidget minds you possess could make you end failing the prestigious examination. All you have to do is concentrate and tackle each questions as they come. If you can eliminate worry and fidget, you are 70% successful in the examinations.

. PREPARE WELL FOR THE EXAMINATIONS: There is nothing like preparation in any examination you want to take. This is vital because that’s the only way you can be successful among several candidates. To prepare you must arm yourself with every necessary materials recommended for you or as made available in the syllabus.

Read every materials where you suspect questions can arise from and enter the examinations with it. Memorizing and understanding what you read is vital because you must meet those things you read in the examination. Questions won’t be sets from foreign materials not in your syllabus, questions will be arranged out from the syllabus. Ensure you read thoroughly before the examination date. Every thorough preparation you had will bring you to success when the results are finally out.

. THE ROLE OF PAST QUESTIONS: Pasts questions are a great way to prepare for JAMB. The familiarization you with past questions will make you to understand how JAMB questions are sets per subject. You have to make past questions your friend to excel in JAMB examination. It is important to note that some of the questions you will come across in the past question could be repeated, hence if you have make past questions your friend, you won’t waste time in attempting and making the questions appear cheap.

. HAVE COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE: Now JAMB has gone digital unlike when it use to be paper written. The knowledge of computer is crucial in passing JAMB this day. You must get computer knowledge before sitting for JAMB and this is important because your knowledge will enable you to scale freely and attempt questions without much ado.

You should not that as you write JAMB electronically, the time are fast moving hence this tells you, you should be fast in attempting to write and pass JAMB. The degree of accuracy in attempting each questions is important and would help you to score high in the examination. As you have prepared, study past questions you have got insight into how JAMB questions are been sets by the board in charge of JAMB.

. GO FOR THE RIGHT SUBJECT: It is important you enter the right subject while you were filling the JAMB application form. Concentrate on preparing for the JAMB by studying those subjects critically before the examination date. The right subject offers you the direction to journey and you have to solely concentrate on those subject areas as you prepare to take JAMB.