What People Think About Is None of My Business – Naira Marley

ThNigeria controversial artiste has revealed he’s unfazed by what people of him and clearly declares that such is their view and can’t be affected by such views.

Naira Marley is always in the News daily in Nigeria and it seems he’s the most talk about musician among several others singers in the country.

He always drop talk about comment on media where people will see and reacts either negatively of positively to. And he has come out to say whatever people think about him is none of his business and advice to stay weird.

In his word; “Never change to be accepted by others. Stay weird”.

Naira Marley view is coming after receiving serious social media chastisement for making comments nothing is wrong for mother and daughter to sleep with the same man.

The statement angered many women and those that were really touched chastise the singer severely on social media.