Peace Corps: How To Become A Peace Corps Volunteer – Apply Now

Peace Corps of Nigeria

Peace Corps – This is an essential information on how to become a volunteer Peace Corps member in Nigeria.

Peace Corps was created as another paramilitary body in Nigeria to foster peace among Nigerians at all levels. There are steps you can take to become a peace Corps Volunteer member. Interested Nigerians should follow the below.

Peace Corps – Register Now

The Volunteer Corps has been referred top as a ”transforming experience” by the over 20,000 currently serving in Volunteer Corps. In addition to being part of the change-making process, volunteer Corps has the opportunity to integrate into the communities, and learning new cultures and traditions which promotes national integration.

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Peace Corps – Volunteer Cadre

The Volunteer Corps also has provision for employed and retired professionals in various fields, to create positive impacts in the cosciety by serving as Volunteers, provided such individuals are willing to commit their time, energy, knowledge experience and other resources towards the advancement of the noble objectives of the Corps.

Peace Corps

Although, their services do no entail renumeration, volunteers are however entitled to all the right and privileges of regular members, in addition to being paid honorarium when engaged as resource persons during programmes and events.

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Works & Duties of Volunteeer

Volunteers are usually posted to work with the citizens at the grassroots, towards peace-building and conflict prevention or meditation, youth mentoring and improving access to quality formal education, health education, security and safety consciousness, environmental health, agriculture and production, community self-help efforts etc.

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Peace Corps – Enlistment Processes

Enlistment into Volunteer cadre is also by obtaining a registration from the national headquarters or any of the states commands, including FCT. Volunteers are therefore, expected to serve as a peace ambassadors in their professional fields of calling.

How To Apply

Nigerians interested in joining the Peace Corps should click the link to apply successfully.