Overview of 7 Figure Income Farm Business

This is how to start a 7 figure income farm business. Such business is very lucrative and has high market and economic yield.

According to FAO,about 70% of the population engages in agricultural production at a subsistence level producing most of the food we consume with issues of food insecurity and insufficiency.

In developed countries like Brazil,US,only 5-7% of the total population are involved in farming on a large scale and are self sufficient and also able to export their foods to other countries of the world.

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In Nigeria,we preach “more people should venture into farming”
Now, we have more people in agriculture but still have serious issue with being food secured.

Less people who is either interested in starting small and continue to scale to a bigger level or want to start on a bigger scale should venture into farming.

It is in this Nigeria you would see someone with an acre of land looking to make 7 figures Income.

The 7 Figure income is not in the small scale farm, it is in the large farms with efficiency,larger volumes of produce.

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Yes, it’s expensive in terms of acquiring land and cultivation but worth it at the end of the day.

Our government must stop the idea of giving out few acres to graduate and expecting it to be self sustaining.

We have got enough of small scale farmers already not getting us to where we should be.

We need new set of few large scale farmers who can feed us and feed other nations.

Overview of 7 Figure Income Farm Business
Overview of 7 Figure Income Farm Business