I Open Business For My Fiancee, She Use The Money To Train Another Guy in The University – Man Laments Profusely

A young man has taken to the social media to lament his ordeal in the hand of his Fiancee.The man tweeted via his handle @Ikhuoria on Twitter and the read story reads;

I was in a relationship with a girl back then, a POS shop for her to handle since she didn’t have a job. While I have my own personal business I am running I Never knew this babe was using my money to sponsor a guy to complete his University education.

I didn’t even know not until she came to my house to spend weekend. But as She was bathing, a message pop from her phone. I started to read the message. The guy was telling my babe that he need foodstuffs that she should send him money. When I asked her she told me the guy was her ex.

I trusted her so much. I was really in pains when she told me.