Ondo State Scholarship Application Complete Guides

Scholarship are always given to Ondo State students by the government at the helm. The scholarship covers various discipline which students undertakes and intend to major in in their respective institution.

The government of the state has a firm conviction that making higher education accessible is a necessity and would accelerate high development of manpower in relevant call for rapid transformation and development ill economic as well as technological and scientific gains of the sunshine state in this current millennium which will serve as a foundation for development of future millennium.


. The scholarship helps to provide a substantial finance to students in their respective studies

. It help put students of the state on serious seat for their studies regardless of where they are studying knowing well that without good performance, you can’t win the scholarship awards.

. The finance accrue by students through the scholarship could be used to purchase needed books on campus.

. It helps to relief the students parents financial burden

. It put moderate pocket money in the students through out the study calendar year

. The cash got by students can be used to advance their studies beyond first degree.


The scholarship is structured for Ondo students already in their two hundred level studies and beyond, also for students in the NHD1 and beyond in respective Polytechnic where they are studying across the entire Nigeria space. Such students must have all the requirements to win the scholarship awards they apply for during advertisement.


The state awards scholarship to students under varying categories, students are supposed to apply under the right categories so they can be awarded the scholarship after through screening have been executed on their application. Some of the varying categories includes as written below.

. LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP: This category of scholarship is meant for students studying primarily in any of the institution in Nigeria. This covers the various Universities, Polytechnic and Monotechnic through out Nigeria. Those students who wish to partake shouldn’t be a pre-degree students, part- time students either. Such students will be awarded the scholarship after a satisfactory performance from the students merit all the yardstick of awards. The scholarship is also renewable in the next year so long the students have not finished studying in that discipline.

. OVERSEAS SCHOLARSHIP: The Government approved scholarship for Ondo state students studying overseas. The scholarship covers various discipline of post graduate studies including Master Degree and PhD. No students of part time, basic studies, pre-degree are qualified to apply for the scholarship.

. AUTOMATIC SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: This scholarship is granted to students from the state with an outstanding performance in their academics, sports, curricula display etc. The awardee would need to display a high convincing display at any national and international competition to be awarded this scholarship.

. PROVISION OF FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO LAW AND MEDICAL STUDENTS: The government also make available special amount which they use to increase the scholarship of law and medical students in law school and medical school respectively.

. MEDICAL AND ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship awards is meant for students in the mentioned discipline and the scholarship is sponsored by Chevron Nig Ltd. The scholarship is tagged ‘Agbami Project’ and awards scholarship to students in the respective states that is under the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria. The state is given substantial number of slots yearly.


The application is carried out on the Chevron website or any designated portal for the application. The application can also be carried out on the Ondo State scholarship click here and do ensure you execute all what that is demanded from you.



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