NYIF – National Youth Investment Funds/ Details About NYIF

NYIF Application Form

NYIF – NYIF stands for National Youth Investment Funds. The funds is made available by the government to empower those with small and medium scale business.

National Youth Investment Funds is in joint partnership with Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) to actualise funds availability. The National Youth Investment Funds which was initiated is designed for the youth. National Youth Investment Funds was launched by the federal government to help ameliorates lack of funds for young businesses.

The Government recognised that most young business has stunted development caused by lack of funds by the owner. Those with young businesses and needing funds can apply for National Youth Investment Funds.

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NYIF – Application Method

National Youth Investment Funds Application Method is quite easy. The application for the National Youth Investment Funds requires simple steps but applicants must possess the rights requirements. National Youth Investment Funds is mainly for those with young business and needs funds to catapults the business to the peak.

NYIF – Requirements For Application

The requirements for National Youth Investment Funds are what business owners could afford to provide. They are not daunty to provide by any would need funds for their business. Young people with bright ideas to start business are enjoyed to apply while the application lasts.

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Some of the requirements for application are enumerated below. In some cases, more requirements could be the tendered or requested by. Such requirements will further enhance your chances of getting funds from National Youth Investment Funds. Anyone willing to get funds should posses the following and submit them while applying for funds.

. A valid bank account

. A valid BVN in operational

. Business plans

. Business Registration certificate, not compulsory sometimes.

Business location

. Nature and type of business you do.


NYIF – How To Apply

Any word love to receive funds for their business should apply. The application can be carried out via the National Youth Investment Funds website. Intending applicants are requested to submit valid and verifiable details while applying for funds. Application are done through https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ on the website .