Npower Stream 2: Reasons For Biometrics Delay Unfolds

NASIMS Payment Update

Npower Stream 2 – Npower Batch C division into stream 1 and stream 2 has made things easy for federal government of Nigeria.

The federal Initiative has lifted some Nigerian youth out of poverty, this is actually those that maximize the programme. The batch A and batch B of the social scheme has many Nigerians benefited greatly from the programme.

The batch A and batch B beneficiaries have been disengaged two years ago. The federal government promise a special offer for the disengaged beneficiaries but nothing have been done to that effect. The batch C of the social scheme of the federal government has just kicked off even though application was made in 2020.

After the the delay in process of deploying potential beneficiaries to their respective place of primary assignment, the deployment of stream has been done. Some of the beneficiaries in stream 1 are on the verge of completing their deployment.

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Npower Stream 2 – Will Npower Batch C Stream 2 still holds?

The Npower Batch C Stream 2 will surely hold. Applicants who could not be part of the stream 1 should exercise patient with Npower. The stream 1 deployment is moving at a faster pace for all beneficiaries of the social scheme. The deployment affirmed that the federal government has not forgotten the Npower programme and the core reason it was created.

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Npower Stream 2 – Reasons For Stream 2 Biometrics Delay

The delay in the Npower stream 2 would soon be over. The Npower stream 1 will need to be thoroughly deployed before consideration of Npower stream 2.

Npower Stream 2: Reasons For Biometrics Delay Unfolds

One particular reason Npower stream 2 have not be deployed is down to the challenges stream 1 are currently facing. Some of the Npower stream 1 beneficiaries could not download or even print their call letter. This has brought uneasy among beneficiaries. Untill the Npower stream 1 beneficiaries are fully deployed, Thea Npower stream 2 would not be deployed.

Npower Stream 2 – Will Federal Government Still Employ 1000 Beneficiaries?

The answer to the above is yes. Just a little above 500 are the beneficiaries of Npower Stream 1. Npower Stream 2 would take over the remaining over 400 slots remaining.