Npower Stream 2: How To Get Screened, Verified & Shortlisted For Bio-metrics

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Npower Stream 2 – Npower has commenced the Batch C Stream 2 screening, verification and shortlist exercise for bio-metrics. The process has begun and many applicants have been screened, verified and shortlisted already.The batch C stream 1 phase witness a lot as many were enroll for bio-metrics verification. This was on for many days and before it’s finally elapse and the batch C stream 2 have commenced on the 15th of June, 2021.

Npower Stream 2 – The aim for the screening is to get the last 500,000 applicants that will compliment the first 500,000 shortlisted in the stream 1 of the programme.

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Now, many applicants are yet to be screened despite meeting the require high scores needed for shortlist which further guarantee applicants enrollment for bio-metrics.

Batch C Stream 2 screening, verification and shortlist exercise

There are what to do to get shortlist for the programme, provided you are ready for the social scheme. In this post, we’ve outlined and arrange the steps in order for easy understanding of applicants who thoroughly needs it. This steps were issued by NASIMS to resolve issues that may arise, and to make sure applicants that score high are not screened out of the programme.

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NASIMS recommends the following to applicants;


The very first recommended steps to resolving and avoiding screening out of the programme is contacting Npower/NASIMS live on the website. Here you will have a live NASIMS staff that will attend to you (applicants) immediately and have all your issues resolved.


Applicants can also resolve and avoid screening out of the programme by sending mail to officials of the NASIMS. They will receive and attend to your challenge. But do well to enter you application I.D, and your scores in the mail. Then wait for a responds in less than 30 minutes. You can contact them through or


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