Npower Sends Special Information To Batch C Beneficiaries & Applicants

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Npower sends Special Information To Batch C Beneficiaries & Applicants. The special information should not be ignored by those concern.

It’s no longer News that some applicants who applied for Npower Batch C are now beneficiaries of the federal government of Nigeria social intervention scheme. The scheme had two previous batches A and B completed with many young people a beneficiaries of the scheme.

Now, the batch C phase has entered deployment of beneficiaries with many beneficiaries deployed and undertaking Physical Verification at their local government area. Beneficiaries have been to their local government area for physical verification with the necessary credentials which will authenticate their status.

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Some of the beneficiaries have diverse challenges they face while in the NASIMS portal to either download their place of primary assignment letter or even upload if they have downloaded and signed the letter. Some couldn’t access the website portal, some who could has issues with their bank bank verification number (BVN).

Npower Sends Special Information To Batch C Beneficiaries & Applicants – Notice on pLace of Primary Assignment Deployment

Npower has issued a special information to all Beneficiaries of batch C phase of the federal government social Intervention. The special information concern those already deployed for the programme should be taking seriously for their good.

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Npower Sends Special Information To Batch C Beneficiaries & Applicants – Beneficiaries Should Read Now

. The ongoing Physical Verification exercise for batch C, has been extended by a period of one week. Beneficiaries are expected to complete their physical verification on before Thursday, 30th September, 2021.

. Upon Completion of Physical Verification, Beneficiaries are to download their deployment letter from their self service portal on and proceed to their designated places of primary assignment between 4th of October to 8th of October, 2021.

. Deployment letters are to be filled and signed by authorise personnel in relevant places of primary assignment (PPA) as either accepted or rejected.

. Beneficiaries who wish to redeploy within their state of residence may do so via their self service portal on

Npower Offers Special Information To Batch C Beneficiaries & Applicants