Npower PPA: Npower Gives Instructions To Batch C Stream 1 & 2

Npower PPA

Npower PPA – Npower has given potent advise to Npower Beneficiaries of batch C serving in the stream 1 and 2.

As Npower applicants who were not shortlisted and deployed during the stream 1 awaits stream 2. Npower has spoken in a loud voice to all the beneficiaries deployed and those that would serve in the stream 2.

The advise came after a beneficiary questioned the management of the Npower social scheme. The respond given had answered the endless questions many of the applicants are asking to function effectively during service.

Some of the pertinent questions applicants are asking includes how long shall applicants serve daily? How long should applicants go to place of primary assignment PPA weekly? The pertinent of the questions have raised eyebrows among applicants and the current beneficiaries of the social scheme.

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Npower PPA – How Many Times Shod Beneficiaries Attend Place of Primary Assignment PPA Weekly?

If you’re a beneficiary or an applicants awaiting the stream 2, it’s important you read to the end. After the applicants answered the question most applicants are asking, Npower answered below.

A beneficiary identified as Onah Christopher Palmer asked how many times should a beneficiary attend place of primary assignment weekly? The question was answered by Npower giving all beneficiaries and those awaiting stream 2 direct response.

RESPONSE: Npower responded to the question and say; “Beneficiaries are to be at their place of primary assignment, and carry out their duties from Monday to Friday, weekly. Thank you”. 

Npower PPA


Npower PPA – Will Npower PPA Still Available To Stream 2 When They Are Finally Deployed?

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The answer to the question is yes! Those beneficiaries who be part of stream 2 would have place of primary assignment when they are finally deployed.

Applicants who is yet to be deployed shouldn’t bother wether there will provision for place of primary assignment. Npower allocate place of primary assignment to all worthy Beneficiaries. Hence, once beneficiaries is deployed, Npower will automatically allocate place of primary assignment to such Beneficiary.

Npower PPA

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  1. Please help reach out to nasims for us that apply for redeployment and are yet to be attended to our request. Personally, I have email them serval times with calls, but yet to hear from them. Others have resumed work while we are left behind without a word from them. What do we do as we are kept pending?
    The email directing us to send our requires and complain issues concerning redeployment is also muit because there’s no responses coming from them.

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