Npower (NEXIT) Status And Renumeration Update

Npower (NEXIT) Status And Renumeration Update. Those applicants who benefited from the Npower in the previous batches are to take note.

It’s no longer story that Npower Beneficiaries in the batches A and B in previous years are been owed by the federal government of Nigeria. The Beneficiaries complained of wrongful dismissal or disengagement from the scheme.

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There have threat by some of these Beneficiaries to embark on demonstration to press home their pending stipends. This has generated much talk among Nigerians in recent times.

Mrs (Dr) Farouq Sadiyat had informed all Beneficiaries that they will undergo a compulsory training to be anchored by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

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It is important for NEXIT to understand that after the compulsory training, the outstanding stipends would be disbursed to commenced a tangible business.

Time & Date for Training/Disbursement

The set time for Training and Disbursement of Beneficiaries concerned are not decided yet. At some corners, people have insinuated tat such stipends won’t be disbursed under Mrs (Dr) Farouq Sadiyat.